About Us:

When it comes to your insurance needs, People Insured LLC has the support and service you deserve. Alex Ovalle and his team have more
than 15 years of experience that are matched only by their integrity and loyalty to our clients.

People Insured LLC has been providing solutions for our clients for over 15 years. We all know we are experiencing challenging times,
a lot of new regulations and procedures, we, at People Insured LLC, have the knowledge and the experience to guide you and
your company to a fully understanding of the new Laws.

With capabilities to transact business to provide coverage in every state along with the wide range of carriers that we represent we
are able to be your “one stop” insurance broker.

Our clients range from individuals, to small business, to large corporation, and we understand that each has different insurance needs.
With that in mind, our staff can evaluate your needs and customize a plan for you.

In our website, you will find a wealth of information designed to improve both business ventures and personal Insurance options.
You can actually buy a good dental plan on line or fill out a basic questionnaire to get a quote the same day.

We are working very hard to understand the new Health Insurance market, with the new PPACA law we all need to find out what are our options.
You can also email us or call us about creating a customized solution for your insurance needs. We are here to serve you.